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Yodel writes and designs ads for your Shopify store automatically, so you can focus on what you do best.
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Ads created with Yodel

Step 1

Connect your store

Plug Yodel into your Shopify store

Step 2

Magic ✨

Sit back as Yodel magically generates yummy copy and creative for your ads... in seconds!

Step 3

Choose your favs

Pick & choose your favorite advertisement variants and publish them to Facebook Ad Manager

Kind Words

Oliver Guttierz
Oliver's Flower Shop
Yodel works as advertised.

Using Yodel, I was able to rapidly put together Facebook ads for my products. Bulk ad creation is a godsend.

Amelia Brown
Iota Fashion
Great Facebook ad designs!

I was surprised to discover that Yodel does some automated ad design for me - that definitely saves a lot of time.

Isla Taylor
Rainbow Cupcakes
Like having your own copywriter.

I used to work with a dedicated copywriter, but Yodel is significantly cheaper and the copy - quite frankly - more delicious.

Crafted with care by Yoav and Eran. Make us happy by taking Yodel for a spin!
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