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5 Best Product Description Apps for Shopify - Updated for 2024
October 19, 2024
12 Min

Are you in the market for the best product descriptions app for Shopify? You are in luck because you will find a detailed list of awesome product description generator apps for Shopify in this post.

As you may already know, writing persuasive, SEO-centric product descriptions is one of the vital keys to succeeding in e-commerce. Get it right, and you will have a lot of people flocking to your online store to buy from you. Get it wrong, and making sales will be really hard.

Nonetheless, writing product descriptions that convert is not an easy job. If it were, every dick, tom, and harry would be doing it.

Luckily, you don’t have to write these descriptions all by yourself from scratch; product description generator apps can help make your work easier.

These apps can generate smartly-written descriptions for your products in seconds just by taking in a little input from you.

To save you the trouble of digging through the Shopify app store to find the right app that fits your business best, we’ve compiled a list of 5 amazing product description apps for Shopify. And we will be going over them shortly.

But first, why are product descriptions important for e-commerce?

Why are product descriptions important for e-commerce?

Writing descriptions that convert takes time and money. So why bother? Well, here are some reasons:

1. Improved SEO

Search still remains one of the top traffic sources for e-commerce. In fact, studies have shown that a whopping 37.5% of e-commerce traffic comes from search engines. So if you are serious about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you must take writing product descriptions seriously.

The reason is that writing descriptions for your products allows you to infuse relevant keywords into your web pages, thus making it easy for search crawlers to find. And the more findable your pages are, the more traffic they will attract.

2. Better conversion

Product descriptions give you a chance to highlight your product’s benefits and convince potential customers to buy your products. This means a better conversion rate for your website.

Improving your website’s conversion rate by writing persuasive descriptions will not only boost your sales, but it will also help reduce your bounce rate. And you know, Google love to rank websites with low bounce rate high on search results, so it’s a double win for you.

3. Better shopping experience for your customers

Besides convincing prospective customers to buy from you, product descriptions also serve an important purpose: answering potential questions customers might have.

For example, if you sell sneakers, shoppers might want to know if it comes with an additional insole. If they don’t find answers to these questions, they will likely do two things: email you or simply walk away.

So answering these questions in your descriptions will help prevent those, thus improving your shoppers' buying experience.  

5 Best Product Descriptions Apps for Shopify

Writing convincing product descriptions can be a challenge, especially if your copywriting skills are not so strong. For this reason, you are better off using a product description generator app.

That being said, here are the best 5 product description apps for Shopify.

1. Yodel Product Description

Yodel is an innovative Shopify app that makes it easy to craft catchy product descriptions that drive sales without breaking a sweat.

Yodel comes with an A.I-powered editor capable of generating engaging descriptions for your products in seconds, with just a click of a button. Besides product descriptions, it can also create compelling Facebook and Google ads, meta titles, email headlines, and many more.

To use, all you have to do is to input what you want to write, select your product, and tap the write button.

The coolest part is that you can start with Yodel for free, and then scale up to our paid plans as your business expands.

Ready to try out Yodel? Add it to your Shopify store right away.

2. Advanced Product Description

Next on our list of great product description generator apps for Shopify is Advanced Product Description. As you would expect, this app comes with a number of impressive advanced features, including product accordion and custom product tabs.

The product accordion feature allows you to improve your customers' shopping experience by making it easy for them to browse through your product collection without scrolling.

In addition, it makes it easy to optimize your product pages for search by adding content-rich product tabs to your pages.

3. Advanced Product Description Writer

Next on our list of awesome product description apps for Shopify is Advanced Product Description Writer.

This app is basically an AI-powered copywriting tool that makes it easy to craft SEO-focused descriptions, and even blog posts, in seconds with just a tap of a button.

Additionally, it makes it easy for you to generate ads for your Facebook and Google marketing campaigns.

As for pricing, this app is free to install. However, you won’t get much out of the free plan. For this reason, you might have to upgrade to the Starter or Pro plans, and they sell for $9 and $39 per month, respectively.

4. Product Descriptions Generator

The Product Descriptions Generator is another nice app that makes it easy to create conversion-driven descriptions without actually writing one.

Additionally, you can use it to generate Facebook and Google ad copies, product captions, blog ideas, and many more. It’s easy to use and requires no coding.

5. Product descriptions and content

And so we wrap things up with the Product descriptions and content app. With this app, you can easily create keyword-rich descriptions and add them to your product pages.

Using this app will save you the time and money you would have otherwise spent hiring copywriters.

On top of that, you can use it for free, provided you won’t create more than ten descriptions.


There you have it; 5 awesome product description generator apps for Shopify that can make your life easy. We hope you find them useful.

Got any questions about Yodel? Feel free to reach out to us right away.